Development of the Trinity College Strategic Plan 2020-2025

In 2019, M-CO were appointed to support the development of Trinity College’s Strategic Plan, 2020-2025, at the core of which was a comprehensive consultation and engagement programme with all relevant stakeholders, to produce a plan which would serve Trinity and its stakeholders for the next five years.

M-CO designed and led a programme of work, in close collaboration with the Vice-Provost/Chief Academic Officer and his team, to capture a wide range of perspectives and to deliver a robust Strategic Plan. A complex project due to the wide range of interests, M-CO set up and managed a network consisting of a Steering Group and eight Working Groups, with final sign-off by the Executive Officers Group and the Board of the College. A series of workshops and town halls with staff and stakeholders ensured comprehensive consultation, engagement and ultimately buy-in to the plan.

Once the strategy was agreed, M-CO designed the plan document, a short summary version, and a webpage to house it. We also created a launch video featuring staff and students of Trinity to communicate the key strategic components of the plan to stakeholders. As a consequence of COVID-19 and its knock-on effects on some of the plan’s goals, we also subsequently provided further assistance to Trinity in designing revision documents to the plan and in updating the website.