Teagasc and the Department of the Taoiseach: Enabling Ireland’s Bioeconomy

 M‑CO was commissioned by Teagasc and the Department of the Taoiseach to facilitate a collaborative workshop on what the bioeconomy in Ireland could look like, and how to progress the idea from concept through to reality in the future.

Building on the results of BioÉire, a two-year research project undertaken by Teagasc, which identified distinct opportunities for bioeconomic development in Ireland, this workshop was about taking the first steps towards realising those opportunities.

Using methods derived from design thinking, we worked closely with Teagasc to strategically plan a half-day workshop which would inspire creative thinking, prompt discussion amongst experts, and achieve a sense of shared understanding and clarity of the challenges and opportunities Ireland faces.

We sought to unlock the knowledge of experts from a variety of public and private backgrounds to gather diverse perspectives on what the bioeconomy means to a variety of sectors.

Following the workshop, we analysed the outcomes and compiled a presentation on what the participants said. This document proved effective in communicating the sense of common purpose in the room, the challenges of integration, the access to supports, and the need for national leadership. We’re delighted that the presentation of the outcomes will accompany the Department of Taoiseach’s work in progressing a national policy document on the bioeconomy, and support a stage of public consultation.