The Future of AI with the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland:

The IDA, in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland (EI) and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) came together to convene a workshop on the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Ireland, which we were selected to design and facilitate.

Working from the knowledge that there’s a lot happening in the AI space, the IDA, SFI and EI wanted to gather key people in this growing industry together to define priorities for the future and to share insights and expertise about the future potential for AI in a global context, to inspire a shared vision for Ireland.

The workshop was attended by 55 thought leaders, gathering to shape the future of AI in Ireland representing a diversity of people from SMEs, multinational companies, start-ups, research and support agencies.

We took an interactive approach to creating this design-thinking workshop, with the aim of crafting a shared vision of Ireland’s AI future, by:

  • Understanding the ecosystem, to benchmark where we are now and where we can go in the future.
  • Creating a sense of community, energy, and helping smaller companies to feel that they have a place in this ecosystem.
  • Understanding the skills and competencies needed to build a sustainable industry and future, the need for a constantly evolving education system, and for lifelong learning.
  • Defining the verticals where Ireland can excel in AI.
  • Engaging citizens – exploring how to bring the people of Ireland on a journey with us as AI technology develops.

Through this workshop, we captured new insights and connected with the vibrant community around this area, and the energy and a vision for building a future for Ireland in developing the AI industry. We’re excited to see how this fascinating space develops in the coming years.