An Post E-trike Evaluation

A specific action of the Government’s Climate Action Plan (June 2019) is that all public bodies are mandated to convert their fleets to Electric Vehicles (EVs) . This will contribute to reduced carbon emissions, increased air quality and reduced noise pollution, whilst being economically worthwhile for the business.

In March 2019, M‑CO was briefed by An Post to undertake a robust research and feedback programme, which would be conclusive in its findings, in order to inform decision-making by An Post on the most appropriate e-trike or e-trikes to roll out. The research had to consider the benefits and challenges of each e-trike model from the perspective of users (the postal operatives) along with considering the broader system implications of their use.

On the basis of the report by M‑CO and in line with An Post’s sustainability strategy to achieve zero emissions postal delivery in Ireland’s cities, An Post bought 180 E-trikes which can be seen operating on Dublin’s streets and nationwide.