Food on the Curriculum

M‑CO designed and facilitated a creative workshop which brought together people and organisations who see a real need to improve the lives and health of children, and want to see sustained, ongoing food education in schools in Ireland. This workshop focused the group on what they wanted to achieve and enabled them to explore and understand what is possible and to identify the next steps for action.

The priority action which emerged was the need to establish a whole-of-society initiative, led by government. This would comprise a cross-departmental advisory group and a multi-sector stakeholder forum with the ultimate goal of improving food education, environments and services in schools.

Harnessing the information gathered through worksheets, exercises and facilitated discussion, M‑CO developed a Facilitator’s Summary of the day which presented an overview of the common purpose, priorities and themes which emerged, as well as the aims and objectives of the multi-stakeholder forum. M‑CO also produced a short video which was used to raise awareness of the initiative and gain traction at government level.