Unified Image Project Managament – New Children’s Hosptial

M-CO have worked alongside Children’s Health Ireland to define the client requirements and enhance the overall environment of the hospital. As part of this role, M-CO worked alongside the client and the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board to plan for, manage and track the client inputs into the design of the hospital. The role included close liaison with the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB), the Design Team and multiple stakeholder groups in the three children’s hospitals.

This role has included the management of client input into various stages of the design as well as the development of the Public Realm Strategy, Wayfinding Strategy, the engagement and design of workspaces, and equipping the public realm. The development of the Public Realm Strategy focused on defining and optimising the user experience in the concourse and public spaces of the new children’s hospital. Through interactive workshops and extensive data analysis M-CO identified the tangible interfaces and strategic services required to create the desired user experience.

M-CO worked in collaboration with the client to define a Unified Image for the new children’s hospital and continue to manage the implementation of this both in the design of the hospital itself and in its continued implementation post opening.